Save Net Neutrality

Help Protect Internet Freedom

The future of a free and open Internet is under threat. The ability for anyone to start a business and have their voices heard was put in jeopardy by December's FCC vote, allowing the removal of protections on how our Internet Service Providers allow us to access the Internet.

Not only could your personal data be at risk if Net Neutrality protection is taken away, but you could end up paying more money for the same access to the online entertainment, music, and productivity services you enjoy and rely on.

Namecheap teamed up with EFF on March 6 2018 in the fight to keep a free and open Internet. The day raised a staggering $30,885 for EFF. We'd like to thank everyone who took part by moving their domain to Namecheap.

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What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is a bedrock principle of a free and open Internet. It means that all online content, regardless of its source, remain unrestricted by service providers, and that ISPs cannot favor or block particular websites or services.

Net Neutrality allows people equal access to content at uniform speeds. According to a recent PSB survey commissioned by Namecheap, a majority of Americans believe that losing Net Neutrality could have severe negative impacts on cost, access, and privacy issues surrounding Internet use.

Why is Net Neutrality important?

With Net Neutrality, people can access any website they wish, knowing their Internet Service Provider (ISP) won't interfere with their browsing habits or compile a profile on their online activities. Currently, American law restricts ISPs in how they may collect and use customer data. However, the US Congress and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are considering removing these restrictions and deregulating the industry.

By rolling back existing rules on how companies provide online access, the FCC's proposed actions could severely undermine existing protections on how we access the Internet. ISPs could potentially charge more for access to certain sites, slow down or block content, and sell browsing data for commercial use.

Call to Action

There's still time to stop them from undermining your access to a free and open internet! Our Democracy Can't Afford to Go Backwards. The FCC doesn't operate in a political vacuum. It's vitally important that you let your Senators and Congressional representatives know that strong, enforceable net neutrality rules are vital to free speech and entrepreneurship, and that those values take precedence over corporations boosting their already healthy profits. Act Today! The vote is coming up any day now, so time is of the essence.

If you value an open Internet and support small businesses and entrepreneurs please call or write your local lawmakers today. Let them know that open Internet rules need to stay.

Namecheap and Net Neutrality

Namecheap has always supported net neutrality. We hold to the principle that the Internet should be accessible to everyone. We support privacy, security, freedom, and equal treatment for all web users. We believe that all people deserve to access the content that they want, when they want it, without government or corporate interference.

Namecheap's History of Activism

Namecheap has a history of speaking out against threats to a free and open Internet. In response to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), we hosted the first official "Move Your Domain Day" in 2011. This has since become an annual event and has raised more than $390,000 for Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight for the Future over the past 6 years.

Thank you! Your love for the Internet helped us raise $30,885 for the Electronic Frontier Foundation this year! Take a closer look at what happened on our 2018 results round-up page.

Donations to Date
  • 2011

    • $145,380

  • 2013

    • $61,189

  • 2014

    • $48,899

  • 2015

    • $50,845

  • 2016

    • $54,951

  • 2018

    • $30,885

Day of Action

July 12, 2017

On July 12th, 2017, the Internet came together in a Day of Action to protest the FCC's efforts to destroy Net Neutrality and allow big telecom companies to gain control over what we see and do online. Namecheap was proud to stand with over 200 other groups that day in support of Net Neutrality. These groups updated their websites with statements, banners, and widgets to educate and inform users about the real dangers of an Internet without Net Neutrality rules. Namecheap initiated a "call for action" widget on our homepage encouraging visitors to sign and comment to FCC's website. generated an impressive 24,630 sessions from the homepage widget while directed approximately 4,119 visits to As a result, over 7,000 comments were submitted to the FCC.

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Visit our Causes page to find out more about Namecheap's work on behalf of net neutrality and web user privacy.